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Shiki-Live @ GOTSU.NET Studio #4

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Shiki-Live @ GOTSU.NET Studio #4『Alone』& DUVIO
"My Seasons of DUVIO"Delivery start commemoration

Cast: Yuichiro Goto (Violin)
Co-star: Kiyomi Sugiura (Violin)

At the beginning of the year, the annual solo live "Alone". Last year, I thought that there were as many songs as possible because I was forced to cancel just before, so this time I increased the number of songs from the usual distribution, from familiar songs to original songs, from unaccompanied violin to symphonic tracks. , We will deliver a wide range of songs and compositions to be featured.
And this time, in commemoration of the start of distribution of the album "Private Season of the Second String", the latter half will be DUVIO, and the gems picked up from the recorded songs will be tailored to a novel arrangement.
Please watch it!

(Yuichiro Goto official website "GOTSU.NET"

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