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DOVE-PRO 「NATSU-GIRA2021」Hiroshima

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July 4th DOVE Pro Wrestling "Natsu Gira 2021" Hiroshima
18:00 start
@ Hiroshima Marina Hop Mermaid Space

All card commentary

Goto from Shien. He is a good player who can see emotions with orthodox like a newcomer, which is rare these days. On the other hand, Shoichi Uchida is the young wall of Osaka.

First match 1/15
Tetsuya Goto vs Shoichi Uchida

Matsufusa from Dotonbori Wrestling. Unusual physical ability and speed. I've tended to be injured since his debut, but will I finally be awakened to Naoki Tanizaki, a wall that is too high?

Second game 1/15
Tatsuya Matsufusa vs Naoki Tanizaki

No explanation required. It's been a long time, who is approaching the edge? Well it's me

Game 3 Tornado Hardcore Tag 1/20
Daisuke Masaoka & SAGAT vs Gunso & Kabuki Kid

Originally they were a tag team. I think there are many things to think about, but since you are young, hit each other once. It can only be done now.

Semifinal 1/15
Jun Masaoka vs Tohei Kinoshita

City pop, reggae and Koji Kikkawa. It's a summer festival. It's summer. It's DOVE pro wrestling. It's going to get hot today

Main event 1/20
Reypaloma & Kenshin Chikano
vs TiiiDA & "brother" YASSHI

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